Welcome to the 2019 Quad Rivals Season!

Throughout the season, each pilot will earn points that will build the rankings. Any normally scheduled race where there are at least 5 Quad Rivals pilots will automatically become a points earning race.

To earn points, simply qualify and finish as well as possible. The top QR pilot will earn points equal to the number of members racing in the event. Points will go down by one so that the last place QR finisher will receive 1 point. Example, there is a normally scheduled race with 25 pilots, 12 of which are Rivals members. After the race is complete, those 12 members will be ranked according to how they finished in the event. The top finisher will receive 12 points. If there is a fully structured qualifying at the event, it will have it's own rankings and points awards depending on the finishing order of the pilots. This means in the example event above, if the same pilot qualified and finished at the top of the other Rivals, he would receive 24 points in that event.

Season Points Standings

PointsPilotNameEventsAvg Finish
181KneeDownJim Snodgrass63
272SSBelmontRick Caudle52.6
355MakerFPVDave Schlitter43
453lukenationLucas Littlefield65.83
548ChampinoRicardo Samuel44.25
643Broad_plainsNathan Tyndell56.6
737yawnoJosh Lewis34.67
833CharlotteAerialGreg Hurst34.33
933Chest_WolfMatthew Wright35
1023SUNDAKHAOSAsep Mawardi35.33
1122Killer_BeemanChristopher Beeman12
1212FattyELElkanah Ringer14
1312ExperimentlRodger Hylton38.67
1410RollerCoasterScott Walker49.5
158RotorCowboyKalen McDaniel39
168TickelFPVMathew Tickel27
170Redneck_RichRich Spangler00

Upcoming Events

dependent on 5 pilots attending

May 25, 2019
2019 MultiGP Qualifier Double Header hosted by Fayetteville Multirotor Racing
May 26, 2019
2019 MultiGP Qualifier Double Header hosted by Raleigh Rotor Racers
June 29, 2019
International Open World Cup hosted by MultiGP
July 11-13
Flite Fest Ohio hosted by MultiGP
2019 Pro Championship hosted by MultiGP
2019 Sports Championship hosted by MultiGP
September 13, 2019
Lee County Fair Friday Night Lights Race, Year 3 hosted by Fayetteville Multirotor Racing

Completed Events

Mar 9, 2019
KnoxMGP Arena Race hosted by Knoxville Multirotor Racing - (results)
Mar 23-24, 2019
Spring Qualifier 2019 TripleHeader hosted by CMC, DRC, and SEAFPV - (results)
Apr 7, 2019
Mayhem - Individual Race hosted by Acadiana FPV - (results)
Apr 27, 2019
MGP Qualifier at Lake Murray hosted by MidCarolina FPV - (results)
May 15, 2019
Joe Nall Mid-Week Race hosted by HappyQuads - (results)
May 19, 2019
Spring Series 2019 Race 4 hosted by Western Carolinas FPV - (results)

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