Welcome to the 2022 Quad Rivals Season!

Team Points Standings

Teams will earn points when any of its members earn individual points. There will also be dedicated team style events where the team itself will earn the points depending on it's finishing position.

1365Four35KneeDown, Infinitee, MixedSignals, Whiplash, bigspeed
2319Show UpDreadpool, G-Money, LouFPV, RollerCoaster, BoomResolved
3315Big GunsThe-Milkman, HeadsupFPV, DutchFPV, Muki, Warp9
4177SpeedSourceRussellAR, Skybound, ORIGDRAGON, yawno, Kinematic

Individual Points Standings

At the end of each season, the top 4 pilots will be named team captains for the next season. The top 16 will be automatically invited into the next season and the rest of the pilots will be put into the pool to be drafted.

PointsPilotNameELOTeamEventsAvg QualAvg MainAvg Points2022 GQ Rank2022 GQ Time
1176The-MilkmanTony Bracco1509Big Guns81.131.4322.01531.41
2137KneeDownJim Snodgrass1183Four35103.22.8913.74834.72
3100InfiniteeTanner Beard1298Four35532.7520.03333.62
498LouFPVLouis Tucker1335Show Up53.22.519.66035.91
595G-MoneyGreg Hurst1070Show Up95.224.4310.68237.25
695bigspeedAndrew Brower1189Four3563.334.415.84434.54
792DreadpoolWade Wilson986Show Up954.3810.29037.92
874RussellARJamison Russell1277SpeedSource443.3318.55234.87
972SkyboundJoshua Stalheim944SpeedSource75.714.8310.315741.76
1064HeadsupFPVEvan Turner1312Big Guns22132.0830.02
1149DutchFPVDerek Donohue699Big Guns107.47.134.918643.12
1231ORIGDRAGONJonathan Krum955SpeedSource310.335.510.316141.94
1330RollerCoasterScott Walker463Show Up118.6472.731149.83
1426MukiDavid Avery876Big Guns3838.716241.97
1520MixedSignalsJordan Moss1054Four3519020.08937.85
1618QUAD_DOCKevin Turner891Free Agent29.519.020944.32
1716LaffinBrady McLaughlin1006Free Agent111016.013040.28
1814PostalServiceLuke Lawver995Free Agent24.54.57.011339.27
1913WhiplashJeffrey Skoczlas759Four35398.674.3
204BoomResolvedJames Piner846Show Up11704.022144.94
210yawnoJosh Lewisn/aSpeedSource0000
220Warp9Matthew Kelseyn/aBig Guns0000
230KinematicCalvin Hulln/aSpeedSource0000

Pool Pilots

Chest_Wolf, Experimentl, MakerFPV, lukenation, SUNDAKHAOS, Killer_Beeman, BayMax, BrandoFPV

2022 Series Information

As part of the 2022 season, we will be encouraging racing in other formats (tiny whoop, prig, tiny trainer, etc). Each series will have it's own format and results. The final results for each series will earn points for the participating pilots.See this spreadsheet for info on each series.

Upcoming Events

(Points Races  -  Fun Races)

December 3
December Blast
hosted by Raleigh Rotor Racers in Carthage, NC
December 10
Points Race
hosted by Queen City FPV in Kings Mountain, NC
Velocidrone Season Series Cutoff
2x Points
hosted by Rivals
January 7
2022 is Dead
hosted by HappyQuads in Anderson, SC

Completed Point Events

March 19
Season Kickoff hosted by Fayetteville Multirotor Racing at Emerging Technology Institute - (results)
April 23
Speeding into Spring hosted by Queen City FPV - (results)
May 21
It's Getting Hot In Here hosted by HappyQuads - (results)
June 11
International Open World Cup hosted by MultiGP - (results)
June 25
Summer's Here hosted by Queen City - (results)
July 18
2022 Global Qualifier hosted by MultiGP - (results)
August 13
Going Dutch hosted by Queen City FPV - (results)
September 24
In Before Fall hosted by HappyQuads - (results)
October 8
Compound Throwdown hosted by Queen City FPV - (results)
October 18-19
2022 Sport Champs hosted by MultiGP - (results)
October 20-22
2022 Pro Champs hosted by MultiGP - (results)
November 12
Donuts Revenge at Area 51 hosted by Queen City FPV - (results)

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