The List is an internal challenge ranking amongst official team members. Callouts happen during official team events as well as chapter races where the team is present. Each member can challenge the pilot above them in the list to a 1 vs 1 race to take their position. When a member successfully defends their position, they cannot be challenged for the same position during that event. Most challenges are first to 3 laps and best 2 out of 3 races but these rules can be tweaked as seen fit by the racers.

The List

1MakerFPVDave Schlitter
2FattyELElkanah Ringer
3evenbbqJosh Lewis
4ChampinoRicardo Samuel
5SSBelmontRick Caudle
6BroadplainsNathan Tyndell
7KneeDownJim Snodgrass
8G-MoneyGreg Hurst
9lukenationLucas Littlefield
10ExperimentlRodger Hylton
11Redneck_RichRich Spangler
12TickelFPVMathew Tickel

These pilots are part of the team, but haven't been able to participate in list challenges yet or live far enough away they can't participate on a regular basis.

BayMaxMax Dorsey
WarLamar Bryant
FlandersTyler Landers