Welcome to the 2021 Quad Rivals Season!

Team Points Standings

Teams will earn points when any of it's members earn individual points. There will also be dedicated team style events where the team itself will earn the points depending on it's finishing position.

1294Prop SpankersKneeDown, yawno, Dreadpool, BayMax, RollerCoaster, LouFPV
2276Snipersgghurst, The-Milkman, HeadsupFPV, SUNDAKHAOS, Killer_Beeman, QUAD_DOC
3233Southeast FPVORIGDRAGON, Muki, BoomResolved, MixedSignals, Infinitee, Warp9
4133Go Left, Turn FastSkybound, Laffin, lukenation, Whiplash, BrandoFPV, RussellAR

Individual Points Standings

At the end of each season, the top 4 pilots will be named team captains for the next season. The top 16 will be automatically invited into the next season and the rest of the pilots will be put into the pool to be drafted.

PointsPilotNameELOTeamEventsAvg QualAvg Main2021 GQ Rank2021 GQ Time
116DutchFPVDerek Donohue956Free Agent27616344.65
2105RussellARJamison Russell1374Go Left, Turn Fast52.24.41933.68
347SkyboundJoshua Stalheim1016Go Left, Turn Fast58.67.611040.98
435WhiplashJeffrey Skoczlas849Go Left, Turn Fast37.67819145.87
521lukenationLucas Littlefield863Go Left, Turn Fast39.339.6726049.41
69BrandoFPVBrandon Couch874Go Left, Turn Fast11514
70LaffinBrady McLaughlinn/aGo Left, Turn Fast00010240.61
8144KneeDownJim Snodgrass1320Prop Spankers82.753.253335.25
9103DreadpoolWade Wilson1241Prop Spankers74.294.437839.08
1026LouFPVLouis Tucker1174Prop Spankers1425436.60
1126RollerCoasterScott Walker717Prop Spankers610.59.1736956.01
1221yawnoJosh Lewis689Prop Spankers59.61019445.96
130BayMaxMax Dorseyn/aProp Spankers000
14111The-MilkmanTony Bracco1520Snipers51.81.61232.74
1595gghurstGreg Hurst1159Snipers86.255.1411341.16
1670HeadsupFPVEvan Turner1416Snipers211329.87
174QUAD_DOCKevin Turner932Snipers110022547.55
180SUNDAKHAOSAsep Mawardin/aSnipers000
190Killer_BeemanChristopher Beemann/aSnipers000
2093InfiniteeTanner Beard1259Southeast FPV54.23.23535.48
2162MixedSignalsJordan Moss1168Southeast FPV465.55837.02
2254ORIGDRAGONJonathan Krum927Southeast FPV56.68.214443.26
2320BoomResolvedJames Piner690Southeast FPV410.7510.2522947.74
2413Warp9Matthew Kelsey915Southeast FPV27.5614943.59
2510MukiDavid Avery899Southeast FPV29.5819245.88

Pool Pilots

Chest_Wolf, Experimentl, MakerFPV

Upcoming Events

(Points Races  -  Fun Races)

October 30
hosted by Raleigh Rotor Racers in Holly Springs, NC at Jefferson Sugg Park
November 2-3
Sport Championships
2x Points
hosted by MultiGP in Citrus Springs, FL
November 4-6
Pro Championships
2x Points
hosted by MultiGP in Citrus Springs, FL
November 20
Tiny Whoop Party
hosted by QueenCity in Moorseville, NC (Queen's Landing)
December 4
Individual Points Race
hosted by QueenCity in Kings Mountain, NC
January 1
2021 is Dead
hosted by HappyQuads in Anderson, SC

Completed Point Events

March 27
Electric City Season Opener hosted by HappyQuads - (results)
April 24
Racing with the Rivals hosted by Raleigh Rotor Racers - (results)
May 22
Freedom Spec Qualifier DoubleHeader hosted by QueenCity - (results)
June 26
Bring the Heat hosted by Queen City - (results)
July 17
Temperature Warning hosted by HappyQuads - (results)
August 11-15
International Open World Cup hosted by MultiGP - (results)
September 25
Around the Trees in 20 Seconds hosted by HappyQuads - (results)
October 10
Rivalicious Racing and Revelry hosted by QueenCity - (results)

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