Welcome to the 2020 Quad Rivals Season!

With one race left, who will win the season? Who will get a top 4 captain's spot for next season? Who will earn a top 16 position for automatic invites into the draft for next season?

Team Points Standings

Teams will earn points when any of its members earn individual points. There will also be dedicated team style events where the team itself will earn the points depending on it's finishing position.

1513Five33HeadsupFPV, Skybound, BayMax, QUAD_DOC, ORIGDRAGON, Whiplash, Broadplains, BrandoFPV, _Gator_
2407PyroDroneKneeDown, yawno, Chest_Wolf, RollerCoaster, Dreadpool
3399TattuG-Money, MakerFPV, FattyEL, SUNDAKHAOS, The-Milkman
4331RuncamLaffin, Killer_Beeman, Experimentl, RotorCowboy, Muki
5293SouthEastFPVSSBelmont, lukenation, Champino, Dameius, MattyLite

Individual Points Standings

At the end of each season, the top 4 pilots will be named team captains for the next season. The top 16 will be automatically invited into the next season and the rest of the pilots will be put into the pool to be drafted.

PointsPilotNameELOTeamEventsAvg QualAvg MainAvg PointsGQ RankGQ Time
1174LaffinBrady McLaughlin1546Runcam71.86224.92934.85
2170KneeDownJim Snodgrass1453PyroDrone722.524.31632.80
381The-MilkmanTony Bracco1305Tattu34.333.527.07538.32
456HeadsupFPVEvan Turner1301Five3311156.0831.18
5105SkyboundJoshua Stalheim1287Five3365.33617.56337.14
691G-MoneyGreg Hurst1237Tattu65.833.815.26237.13
7132SSBelmontRick Caudle1231SouthEastFPV62.83522.03235.10
822FattyELElkanah Ringer1171Tattu17222.0
958DreadpoolWade Wilson1163PyroDrone67.178.89.710440.64
1012Killer_BeemanChristopher Beeman1123Runcam14012.07938.50
1120DameiusWilliam Leopard1095SouthEastFPV29410.03335.15
1244_Gator_Randy Jeppesen1085Five3328.57.522.07237.94
1315ChampinoRicardo Samuel1037SouthEastFPV19715.0
1467lukenationLucas Littlefield1013SouthEastFPV67.836.211.214943.98
158BrandoFPVBrandon Couch972Five331688.019948.17
1625WhiplashJeffrey Skoczlas957Five33291012.511041.13
1763ORIGDRAGONJonathan Krum950Five3347.75815.810240.53
1822BayMaxMax Dorsey897Five33210.51111.021549.40
1967yawnoJosh Lewis867PyroDrone58.69.7513.416845.63
201Chest_WolfMatthew Wright840PyroDrone11501.017446.31
211BroadplainsNathan Tyndell830Five3311501.0
228QUAD_DOCKevin Turner804Five33113138.017346.26
2345SUNDAKHAOSAsep Mawardi788Tattu611.33107.515244.44
248RotorCowboyKalen McDaniel788Runcam213134.028054.29
2527MukiDavid Avery714Runcam311.67129.016245.17
2621RollerCoasterScott Walker556PyroDrone612.1711.173.526753.25
270MakerFPVDave Schlittern/aTattu0000
280ExperimentlRodger Hyltonn/aRuncam0000
290MattyLiteMatthew Hilln/aSouthEastFPV000017246.19

Upcoming Events

(Points Races  -  Fun Races)

Completed Point Events

Feb 8
Mega and Mini Combo Race hosted by HappyQuads - (results)
March 14
Team Race hosted by Queen City - (results)
June 28
Back to the Future hosted by Queen City - (results)
July 11
Beat The Heat hosted by HappyQuads - (results)
July 25
Team Race hosted by Queen City - (results)
September 19
Summers Over 2020 hosted by HappyQuads - (results)
November 7
Pro Championships hosted by MultiGP (double points) - (results)
December 6
FloZone Race hosted by Western Carolina - (results)
January 2
2020 Is Dead Race hosted by HappyQuads - (results)

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