Welcome to the 2020 Quad Rivals Season!


There will be a maximum of 2 official points events each calendar month. At the start of the season, all known large events will be scheduled as well as one local chapter race per month. The second race each month will be scheduled as needed. Local chapter races will be scheduled at least 7 days in advance and other events require 14 days. Efforts will be made to have them scheduled as soon as possible. There will be no requirement on number of team pilots at an event.

Team Points Race:

All season pilots will be drafted onto a team with the top 4 pilots from 2019 season being the team captains. For every race where a pilot scores individual points, they will also earn equal points for their team. Team size is capped at a maximum of 5 pilots. If additional pilots are deemed eligable throughout the year, they will be required to be drafted to a team before being able to participate in the individual points race. Pilots can not change teams throughout the year. If they are dropped from a team because of life circumstances, they can only be brought back to the same team.

Individual Points Race

At each points race, the season pilots competing will be ranked by their finishing order for both qualifying and mains. They will only be ranked if they compete (for example they may need to qualify to participate in mains). The top finishing pilot will receive points equal to the number of team pilots participating with each successive rank going down by one with the last finisher receiving 1 point. For example, if there are 10 season pilots at an event, if the same pilots places top position in qualifying and mains that pilot will receive 10 points for a total of 20 points at the event.

Large Events

At large events with more than 40 participants expected, points received will be doubled. Large events will be designated when being scheduled. A race cannot be transformed into a large event if enough pilots just happen to show up to a normal event.

Team Points Standings

Teams will earn points when any of it's members earn individual points. There will also be dedicated team style events where the team itself will earn the points depending on it's finishing position.

1135Tattugghurst, MakerFPV, FattyEL, SUNDAKHAOS, TBFpv
2111PyroDroneKneeDown, yawno, Chest_Wolf, RollerCoaster, Dreadpool
3108Five33HeadsupFPV, Skybound, BayMax, QUAD_DOC, ORIGDRAGON, Whiplash, Dameius
488SouthEastFPVSSBelmont, lukenation, Champino, Broadplains, MattyLite
583RuncamLaffin, Killer_Beeman, Experimentl, RotorCowboy, Muki

Individual Points Standings

At the end of each season, the top 4 pilots will be named team captains for the next season. The top 16 will be automatically invited into the next season and the rest of the pilots will be put into the pool to be drafted.

PointsPilotNameELOTeamEventsAvg QualAvg MainAvg Points
124LaffinBrady McLaughlin1252Runcam12124.0
222KneeDownJim Snodgrass1198PyroDrone11422.0
321gghurstGreg Hurst1198Tattu13321.0
419FattyELElkanah Ringer1171Tattu17219.0
517lukenationLucas Littlefield1133SouthEastFPV15517.0
617SSBelmontRick Caudle1122SouthEastFPV14617.0
712ChampinoRicardo Samuel1037SouthEastFPV19712.0
812yawnoJosh Lewis1002PyroDrone18912.0
98SUNDAKHAOSAsep Mawardi887Tattu112118.0
106DreadpoolWade Wilson810PyroDrone111146.0
115RotorCowboyKalen McDaniel809Runcam113135.0
125RollerCoasterScott Walker819PyroDrone114125.0
131BroadplainsNathan Tyndell830SouthEastFPV11501.0
140Chest_WolfMatthew Wrightn/aPyroDrone0000
150MakerFPVDave Schlittern/aTattu0000
160HeadsupFPVEvan Turnern/aFive330000
170MattyLiteMatthew Hilln/aSouthEastFPV0000
180TBFpvTony Braccon/aTattu0000
190Killer_BeemanChristopher Beemann/aRuncam0000
200MukiDavid Averyn/aRuncam0000
210ExperimentlRodger Hyltonn/aRuncam0000

Pool Pilots

Each team has a max of 5 pilots, but in the case of a full member leaving the season, captains will be able to draft from the pool pilots to bring their team back to 5 pilots. This will also pull that pilot into the individual points race. While pilots are in the pool, they will earn points towards Team Five33 and that team's captain Evan Turner will be able to choose pilots from the pool to compete in dedicated team style races.

PointsPilotNameELOTeamEventsAvg Points
114SkyboundJoshua Stalheim999Five33114.0
212WhiplashJeffrey Skoczlas999Five33112.0
30BayMaxMax Dorseyn/aFive3300
40QUAD_DOCKevin Turnern/aFive3300
50ORIGDRAGONJonathan Krumn/aFive3300
60DameiusWilliam Leopard n/aFive3300

Upcoming Events

(Points Races  -  Fun Races)

May 31
Keep Your Distance hosted by Raleigh Rotor Racers
June 6
Phase II Celebration Race hosted by Western Carolinas
June 13
Nashville Chicken and Rippin hosted by Knoxville Multirotor Racing
June 27
Individual Race hosted by Queen City
July 3-5
Freedom SPEC hosted by Five33
July 11
Team Race hosted by HappyQuads
July 25
Individual Race hosted by Backwoods
Auguest 15
IO World Cup hosted by MultiGP (double points)
September 12
Greenville Imagine Race hosted by HappyQuads
September 19
Individual Race hosted by HappyQuads
October 3
Mayhem hosted by Acadiana FPV
October 17
Individual Race hosted by Queen City
October 31
Sport Championships hosted by MultiGP (double points)
November 7
Pro Championships hosted by MultiGP (double points)
December 26
2020 Is Dead Race hosted by HappyQuads

Large events without known dates at this time: MidAmerica Qualify and Champs (late summer to fall), Mayhem Team Series.

Completed Point Events

Feb 8
Mega and Mini Combo Race hosted by HappyQuads - (results)
March 14
Team Race hosted by Queen City - (results)

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